Marjon Mossammaparast

Nicole Rain Sellers Reviews Marjon Mossammaparast and Simon Tedeschi

In And to Ecstasy and Fugitive, Marjon Mossammaparast and Simon Tedeschi testify to psychic realities concurrent with place, realities that overflow Australian and international borders. Both books hinge on altered states of consciousness. Both are arranged in segments self-described as “pastiches” or “fragments” (Tedeschi 20; Mossammaparast 87).

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Landscapes, with Poem

i. The first vision: it was prehistoric, the gargantuan ferns reflected in what he called a billabong. We didn’t know what it heralded, wider than the promise of platypus the arresting half-risen stumps of drowned giants, when on we gingerly …

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Introduction to Marjon Mossammaparast’s That Sight

Photo by Gen Ackland. BUY YOUR COPY HERE Marjon Mossammaparast’s That Sight offers us a wide-ranging series of viewpoints, taking the reader through various locations and histories. It zooms out to cosmological heights, and even beyond to God (or the …

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Tell Me Like You Mean It: New Poems from Young and Emerging Writers

‘Emerging’ is a strange word, and ‘strange’ is probably a cop out. It is often arbitrary, sometimes condescending, frequently empowering and often carries with it an incredible sense of community.

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The Spanish Revelation

Your education came too early, before you had seen an alcazaba Before you learned about the journey of pomegranates. You didn’t know how to create paradise in a white city Or the sudden turns these strongholds would have to make …

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