Nicole Rain Sellers

Nicole Rain Sellers lives on Awabakal country. Her recent work appears in Plumwood Mountain, TEXT and Rochford Street Review. Her poems have been recognised in the Robin Mathison, Alice Sinclair, Liquid Amber, and Newcastle Poetry Prizes, and are forthcoming in Cycles in Light (Ginninderra Press), an anthology she also edited. Nicole co-authored Fossilised Lightning (Girls on Key Press, 2021) with Rebecca Trowbridge. She is currently completing her first solo collection alongside an MPhil in contemporary Australian eco-spiritual poetry, at the University of Newcastle.

Nicole Rain Sellers Reviews Marjon Mossammaparast and Simon Tedeschi

In And to Ecstasy and Fugitive, Marjon Mossammaparast and Simon Tedeschi testify to psychic realities concurrent with place, realities that overflow Australian and international borders. Both books hinge on altered states of consciousness. Both are arranged in segments self-described as “pastiches” or “fragments” (Tedeschi 20; Mossammaparast 87).

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