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Magan Magan Reviews S K Kelen’s Yonder Blue Wild and Kit Kelen’s Poor Man’s Coat

Award-winning author S K Kelen beautifully explores the theme of travel in his collection Yonder Blue Wild. For some, travel is a benefit awarded to them by virtue of their class; for some it is a tool to attain an idealised version of the life they want to lead.

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Life Poem

You are paralysed in the living room of your neighbour begging the walls of the room to consume you. Everything in this house smells like desperation. The dust that gather under the window disappear at night like scattered children fading …

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Magan Magan Reviews deciBels 3

Poetry as a form permits one the ability to see, touch, bend and examine the human experiences that we may find elusive. All of a sudden, the glances from others we would have otherwise missed, start to make sense. Haunted words that follow us our entire life begin to destruct. And a voice that belongs leaps out of the page and into the world, leaving a roadmap to follow.

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Tell Me Like You Mean It: New Poems from Young and Emerging Writers

‘Emerging’ is a strange word, and ‘strange’ is probably a cop out. It is often arbitrary, sometimes condescending, frequently empowering and often carries with it an incredible sense of community.

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The Feet that Don’t Stop Will Come to Know Shame

You son has small feet. The first word he ever learned to spell was ‘exile’ On his first day of high school he came back wondering why he wasn’t like the other boys. Why did you tell him to run …

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