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Magan Magan Reviews deciBels 3

Poetry as a form permits one the ability to see, touch, bend and examine the human experiences that we may find elusive. All of a sudden, the glances from others we would have otherwise missed, start to make sense. Haunted words that follow us our entire life begin to destruct. And a voice that belongs leaps out of the page and into the world, leaving a roadmap to follow.

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To sink into a decade

It’s that unsettling uneasy time, where everything is closed and people go mad. I fall asleep as though sinking. In my dream I email my shrink. We meet at the hospital. Not the hospital that stole my memory, no. It’s …

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Review Short: The Collected Poems of Fay Zwicky

On 2 July, 2017, my father sends me an article about Jewish Australian poet Fay Zwicky’s passing in Perth.

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The scrapbook is bound in sky blue leather, worn thin at the spine, filled with cracked black pages. Inside are marriage certificates that float like gold leaf in my hands. Old postcards and photographs lift free. I turn the pages; …

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Dream Diary – Tuesday and Wednesday Night

Tuesday night I dream I go to an all you can eat restaurant. The waiter says to take a seat and brings out large platters: pastries, chicken and potatoes. Extra food keeps appearing on the table: schmaltz and fishcakes that …

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