Gemma Mahadeo

Gemma Mahadeo has been living, working, and playing on Wurundjeri land since 1987. Prior to that, they lived in the UK and the Philippines. Their work has appeared in print and online publications nationally. They are a writer and occasional musician, producing poetry and creative non-fiction, and have spent the last year working on state and local council digital commissions. They are currently finishing their first full-length poetry manuscript, and working with the Disabled QBIPOC Collective, of which they are a founding member.

‘Playful and iterative’ Ian MacLarty Interviews Gemma Mahadeo

In 2018, the poet and disability activist Gemma Mahadeo wrote a poem inspired by one of my videogames called Catacombs of Solaris published in The Victorian Writer.

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Stain, guilt

I scrub maniacally at the chocolate sauce thickness in the fabric. Hitchcock was right to use it as blood in Psycho: its viscosity he may have found fitting [ Hitchcock I think the murder in the bathtub…coming out of the …

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