Stain, guilt

By | 1 December 2011

I scrub maniacally
at the chocolate sauce thickness
in the fabric.
Hitchcock was right
to use it as blood
in Psycho:
its viscosity he may have found fitting

		              Hitchcock I think the murder in the bathtub...coming       out of the blue, you know...that was about all
		              Truffaut    c'est ça. c'est...c'est comme le viol...
	 	              Hitchcock sure

but the stain and the guilt of it
cannot be replicated.

I scrub again
               (DAUGHTER: Bring the screen. Quickly!)
				 	                                         I am dying, I am dying
Strindberg's Ghost Sonata girl's words
repeat constantly in my head
as I crouch, foetal-like, in the shower,
watching the red and clear liquids

	       (COOK: You drain the goodness out of us, 
	             / and we drain it from you. We take the blood /
	             and give you back the water – with the colorite.)*

dance down the plughole.

* Excerpts from an interview between Alfred Hitchcock and François Truffaut discussing Psycho (Aug 1962). Quotations used are from Michael Meyer trans & ed. Strindberg: Plays: One (London, Methuen, 1993).

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