Shlissel Challah

By | 1 June 2022

                    I don’t have all the ingredients
          to make Shlissel Challah
                              on the first Shabbat after Passover
a challah baked     
in a key’s               
shape, to turn     
blessings upon   
our home.          
Baker’s yeast—
times. Instead
I knead flour
with vanilla,
sugar, oil, egg.
Roll three strands
to braid into the stem.
A circular donut for the bow.
A prong for the bit. I do not bake
a key inside. Instead, I make a second
challah, bury toffee-coloured dates, brush
with egg, sugar-sprinkled. While it bakes
at 170 degrees for half an hour, I make
challah a third time over with words.
This time, I leave a key.

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