Sian Vate


1400 words give or sell / i opened a fruit stand just to squeeze these blue cherries between the sunlight & my splintered thumb. behind the fruit stand: bendigo or something like it / catholics in tracksuits / dusty bookshops …

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Tell Me Like You Mean It: New Poems from Young and Emerging Writers

‘Emerging’ is a strange word, and ‘strange’ is probably a cop out. It is often arbitrary, sometimes condescending, frequently empowering and often carries with it an incredible sense of community.

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Workplace Injury Compensation Form

Member took long service leave 2014. Member not paid all LSL. M was clocked into work by previous member. Previous member was member of alternate union. Alternate union clocked in M day before LSL granted. New employer Details captured by …

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pelt harbour / more of the ice-same. ‘memories’ make a ‘memory’ seem triffle / seem tripped. ‘i don’t understand why we’re’ memories make a memory bank extension no? ‘i’ no ‘you’ want ‘all my memories’ up. who knew there was …

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