By | 1 June 2014

pelt harbour / more of the ice-same. ‘memories’ make a ‘memory’ seem triffle / seem tripped. ‘i don’t understand why we’re’ memories make a memory bank extension no? ‘i’ no ‘you’ want ‘all my memories’ up. who knew there was a cave under the citilink so we walked through it / no ran & i ran back again / i ran back to call your father: ‘dad – don’t explain.’ i know what a trip down rock-lane explains: ‘are you bored?’ i said ‘he’s a pebble’: no refraining. a whole nother shelf reels extended in the back-lane. you don’t know coburg’s secrets cos coburg doesn’t know / they’re like the things that kids know / triffle. mums made this possible. who pulled all the cars in. who put each shoulder to a shelf – the only reason you know this is cos everyone kept driving their kids. memories make a right-lane extended: don’t trip. don’t call attention a: ‘don’t think about that’ guy clagged your hand-brace / made a four-letter ice-break / put a dog in a kind of open-ended family-type station with the radio turned to on / it’s tuning. always assuming there’s a station and what if all your ideas are in the bottom of the coopers and the beer’s done & it’s closing? quit: i call a favour. rabbits make this tangent. don’t expect them / don’t reject them. they bounce into screen / make a nuisance / make sense: a boy is just a simple returning. that is it is no thing to ‘don a bother’. open old streets onto a pale street theatre / call shots / call game / take a cake of salt to your craving and give it all kinds of names like ‘now’ and ‘elsewhere’ or ‘i knew there was no returning’. mice make for an indelicate returning. wherever you are they are / sorting broken glass from the future / HA. i see your door frame and raise you game / more than ice / it’s coburg door frames. it’s car doors whirring. in the present it’s your mobile making candy threats punching out your big-fame.


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