Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell's I Love Poetry and A Lyrebird: Selected Poems are both out this year (2017): from Giramondo and Blazevox, respectively. His scholarly book, Writing Australian Unsettlement: Modes of Poetic Invention 1796-1945, was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Michael Farrell Reviews Fremantle Poets 1: New Poets

There is an apt awkwardness and uncertainty in all three poets – Emma Rooksby, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, J.P. Quinton – here: in the expression of sentiment (‘Preparations’, Rooksby), in the use of syntax (Mitchell) and archaisms like ‘verily’ (Quinton). All three are skilled poets, but they are new, and there is a sense that they are still trying things out. As editor Tracy Ryan writes, the three are ‘extremely diverse in tone and approach’ and this diversity is pronounced in a way that would be tempered were there more poets in the book. Ryan’s selected poets represent three modes, rather than merely variety itself. This is not a sampler, however, but three books in one, and perhaps not designed to be read sequentially.

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The view of the watery gardens suggested a truly Verbal rosette. We see the world as a black and White golf course. Constellations, like buttons on Apollinaire. How much longer can we afford it? We fall – in performance – …

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… ha- … thanks … another post … time … hotel … Stanmore train … heavy … it was … full … through the corridors … black … winding down … I went … I was staying … park … …

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Settlers, Regurgitated

Victoria’s first settlers were whalers as well as prostitutes. They were hale, they drank ale. They were whalewrights, sexwrights – they were Whites. They ate a lot of pasta too – well before the Italians put in an appearance. They …

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1 we have over 45 years experience skin , launched in 1960 with soap messaging ( sm ) and presence protocol suite deal with , use , etc . : a matter contributed online encyclopedia intended for people sneakers make …

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copy, photocoffee (카피, 포토커피)

suppering for my art on spring street, a bright morning for korean sushi: chilli, snow, pine needles (don’t) mistake misnomers for weasels – for weasel eggs open < > > > i love you now fictionalising everything. if your beak …

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metamorphosis app for tiger and bear (호랑이와 곰을 위한 변신용 엡)

it came out of the folk niche, voiding stinkybreath god hung around an extra night & the tigerwoman jiggled her carkeys in her ear for the clicking sound the bear had his own answer, he bashed at his taboo this …

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Dodi ‘Dodo’ Malley: Decorum Template

Your biscuit needs you! Your crumby exterior requires the shadiest corners of the disco. At the zoo, fading between bars. Do prawns spawn? The aspidistra, the asprin’s sister, I met them all at your salon: don’t blame me for hell. …

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Bradley Malley-Trushott: Hoarse Metaphor

How many blondes must die before the Danish thriller ends? The sans serif are here with their removing gear. Type! Darling, type! My secretary responds, hoofishly. Between the kernel and the fruit. We cough. The water stretches unto the sea …

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Michael Farrell Reviews Richard Hillman

Richard Hillman’s new book has a compelling red cover. A giant black semi-colon portrays a synapse letting through the electrical signal of the poet and book to its readers. A brilliant design, but one hard to live up to. The poems in The Raw Nerve are, for the most part, of ordinary domestic life; a kind of poetry no easier than any other to realise.

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The relation between show & tell show the seed tell the chair. there were no poppies but there was beeswax, there were no forums save the framed rain, The lead shone purple. Husks sprouted underneath, Not yellow, Dry brown. The …

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Michael Farrell Reviews Rae Desmond Jones

Many of the poems in Rae Desmond Jones's Blow Out end with silence. This is effective in the poem ‘Witness', about a car accident, where ‘The policewoman leans in to press a button, / Then the street goes quiet'. (This poem also features the excellent verb ‘Bananas”.)

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polliloquy 2

well here i am in the, wars again,

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not to mention harpur his prophetic dream of lawson exhuming

not to mention harpur his prophetic dream of lawson exhuming jabberwockies stuffed and exhibited in life-like dioramas and Henry Kendall letting the belled birds free translating flight into words of white with a nun, every Thursday evening as she guts …

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not to mention harpur his prophetic dream of lawson exhuming

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Michael Farrell Live at the Globe

[audio:] Michael Farrell live at the Globe Bookstore (10:23) Prague, 15 April 2009

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The Footing of the It

The foot on the wood, the heat surging through the It – seems the grandeur to the fauna (here with the public; here in the sauna). the long way makes the hot top the bitumen of the home. the exile …

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1 in 2

one in two men like jelly. the hand comes to claim its prize visavis gough & the new york poets. i freeze in my bag. the stamp isnt one youd want or even read. cramps flower unbeknownst. prose though apparently …

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albeit briefly

i met andrew xs editor but i didnt meet andrew x. by the time we got the hypertext working wed run out of blue. the novel on the cover of the bonnard painting. thats a clock you dont see every …

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cold turkey

i was raised in a traditional background youd recognise it, two trees some rails a dolphin, sun going down, the usual drug problem. what are you looking at? god, suck it up. if only there were more like you ready …

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Chains (Poems, Nagoya)

When I ate out with someone Japanese, in this case the poet and translator Keiji Minato, I asked them to translate the menu rather than the usual point-at-the-picture option. Rather than have them translate every dish I'd find out what categories there were first. 'fried things' was one.

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if you kill someone bring them back to life

'theres a riot going on: quick throw away your ciggies, & leave your house, in the wrong place; breathe & drink water &-if necessary-the milk, lie on a sunny riverbank. though you may seem useless ignoring the rubbish floating by …

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the deer inside itself

inside a brown name along an objective spine the self of a deer holds like data like a sheaf of sugarcane-as if? still being put together by science. thats you looking in, seeing yourself, then trying to brush yourself away …

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the j letter

the deity hangs in the air taking up & allowing all the space there note to future note to past the page is the poem & the poem a defence the press will set this in what ever fashion they …

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