Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell's I Love Poetry and A Lyrebird: Selected Poems are both out this year (2017): from Giramondo and Blazevox, respectively. His scholarly book, Writing Australian Unsettlement: Modes of Poetic Invention 1796-1945, was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Sid Vicious Underlined by the Tiber

He walks in rubbish like the street. Having risen from The waters like a painter and left his work for the less Nice people to observe. The sea would be punk but’s Too major You Embrace Apollinaire Like a Problem …

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Introduction to Alan Loney’s Crankhandle

Cover design by Zoë Sadokierski

Since moving from New Zealand to Australia back in 2001, Alan Loney has carried on a prolific, internationally recognised career in Melbourne. Crankhandle, Loney’s latest published work, follows on from 2014’s chapbook collaboration with Max Gimblett, eMailing flowers to Mondrian, and the books from Five Islands Press, Nowhere To Go (2007) and Fragmenta Nova (2005). Borrowing his contemporary Laurie Duggan’s term, Loney can be read as a ‘late objectivist’: worrying at that particular American formal legacy, with its attendant philosophical and ethical concerns.

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The National as A Way of Interpreting My Favourite Martian

I’m thinking about how I understand you; if garages or Martian food were made illegal. If I name George by looking at Nigel. I look at Nigel: I look at night. Like a storybook, yet much more visceral I get …

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Cosmic Primness

They settle on me like a dress, or lobby. The more gestures Manners of an astronaut? The richness comes out eventually. The close star wood promises being and eternity, but turns managers. Princess talk turns into legislation; knowledge is coming …

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Photograph by Nicholas Walton-Healey Reading MELBOURNE: a poetry feature could be analogised to living in Melbourne on a good day. Perhaps a good day doesn’t involve getting on a bus, but they are more interesting than trams or trains. It …

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The Snow

Blue flakes are falling on the tents and the tongues of the kangaroos. It becomes white on contact. It becomes warm. It’s one of the magics of the Monaro of Kosciuzko. My arm and hair are one with the kangaroo …

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Submission to Cordite 46.1: MELBOURNE Now Open!

Poetry for Cordite 46.1: MELBOURNE is guest-edited by Michael Farrell. This will be Cordite Poetry Review‘s first special issue that includes a number of poems selected from open submissions. It is supported by the City of Melbourne through its Arts …

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Janet has been busy turning a banal bourgeois home into a suburban crocodile farm. This morning however she went outside to find her neighbour Bruce had eaten several of the crocodiles and had the head of one in his mouth. …

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Eulogy For Someone In The Room

Recently I’ve been thinking about ghosts ones that seem to have nothing to do with the enhanced or rather … accentuated being of those they appear to, but have their own quest … Elena told me that her husband had …

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Michael Farrell Reviews MTC Cronin

The World Last Night A book as an experience of sampling, and of reading over a long period of time, may be ideal for the writer; but it won’t be that for all readers, especially not reviewers.

MTC Cronin has published several highly structured books in the past: Talking to Neruda’s Questions, 1-100 and The Flower, The Thing. Here the double title functions in a looser, more umbrella-like way; the book apparently aims to use death as its guiding concept: the assertion that the poems are themselves metaphors suggesting flexibility in her use of death as her theme.

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He’s cutting my hair and flipping his braid imagining the amassing of casualties. he’s A fine rider, and likes a good chestnut for preference, in the. field muttering that’ll Be twenty-nine cents thanks giving you a bullet as if. mogadon …

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Th E Ma N Fr Om Sn Ow Ri Ver

Th E Ma N Fr Om Sn Ow Ri Ver | (16:53) [audio:|titles=Th E Ma N Fr Om Sn Ow Ri Ver – Michael Farrell and Oscar Schwartz] Michael Farrell and Oscar Schwartz

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