Dodi ‘Dodo’ Malley: Decorum Template

By | 1 December 2010

Your biscuit needs you!
Your crumby exterior requires
the shadiest corners of the disco.
At the zoo, fading between bars.
Do prawns spawn?
The aspidistra, the asprin’s sister,
I met them all at your salon:
don’t blame me for hell.
Alain Delon mops his own forehead –
surely this is the crime of the
Go – you fuck like a character
from Cocteau, all gin and tonic
and white underwear.
I know no dentist is innocent;
there’s sugar on the landing
from promiscuous donuts.
What is a landing? Why?
I have a vision of Akubras …
Of pelicans nesting in chapels …
The sty is falling, the pigs are
listening to Dvorak, oh!
I have climbed the steps of
Moravia, they have not stepped
for me.

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