1 in 2

By | 1 July 2009

one in two men like jelly. the hand comes to claim its

prize visavis gough & the new york poets. i freeze in my

bag. the stamp isnt one youd want or even read. cramps flower

unbeknownst. prose though apparently maupassants triumph was also his

downfall. money in

snow. setting off for the presbytery like a winky. i think it

surreal but you a suitcase. his grace stank. the tone like an

unripe pear or pineapple. leather kept you from the grave for years

but today youre here & on your knees for a change. men

are sexier than before or am i just getting out more? forced

seclusion in the north. snow in money. she ran an extension cord

from his vexation to someone with more energy. hallelujah doesnt come with

raisins. have you been to the outback lately? it looks like sydney.

the tea cooled & the coffee awesomed. we were back to back

& the space invaders werent games or gamers but coming to take

our place our cake. its a kind of fish icecream. big in

nonfood circles. googoogoo. marinetti looked to a tableclothless future

something the nazis

couldnt do. it can happen when literacys at that level. the bar

had oscar wildes name on it. the computers lyric plaint brought a

tear. i get out of my bag. its light i can hear

the unbearable rumbling of the sun. worse than santa being dragged


needles in his sleep but reindeer willing that wont happen again.

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