albeit briefly

By | 1 July 2009

i met andrew xs editor but i didnt meet andrew x. by

the time we got the hypertext working wed run out of blue.

the novel on the cover of the bonnard painting. thats a clock

you dont see every day. hypochondriac phlox. the lettuce freshened in the

structured vermouth. the bullet in my heart voided lostness loneliness. like a

drysdale. like a bark. the years go past in a righteous haze.

the copilots haircut delayed takeoff but the monitors obliged. happy drugbust


two more harpsichordists quarantined. it may be in quantity that we have

our hope. a squeaky sock gathers the moss. wikipedia nightmare. borrow your

own thermometer. are linebreaks sister to windbreaks? the crowd urged

caution. albeit

briefly. vegetarian aphids dont bode well for roses. & tell me how

im going to breathe with no head? the cereal typed the paper

while he talked shit to the milk. dial f for froot loop.

off ice he wasnt on the same wavelength. theres a bigger niche

than astronauts for poems like these! too disgusted to play chess. the

spacebaa was woaking but a typed a. a storm brewed. there was

little atmosphere in the room. her philosophy wasnt a negation of all

i held dear. his demands included a reading of wordsworth over the

police megaphone. a basketball flattened with disuse. are jane austen &


who in cahoots? i keep meeting guys from the twelfth century. how

do i know theyre genuine? how do they know about bank accounts?

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