cold turkey

By | 3 December 2008

i was raised in a traditional background youd recognise it,
two trees some rails a dolphin, sun going down,
the usual drug problem. what are you looking at?
god, suck it up. if only there were more like you
ready to settle. you were raised in korea & never learned
how to ride, or how to leer. im always strungout,
but nothing. even cooma & wagga begin to seem
appealing a dream of sublimation.
in a room talking to a generalised you.
rubbing & feeling semi anaesthetised, fate, in pieces like parrots,
i couldnt sleep so the doc gave me credit-
this isnt an ad i went to acland street to dance.
eventually shooting up with ajax my bookie.

sometimes i spend all day in the sandpit.
i left home, teddy bear in hand, wolves crying
toowhit toowhoo, dont come in. i only got into the water
to avoid getting into you. this isnt the way it ends;
cold turkey tepid crocodile farm, theres a man coming with speed
with half a bag of love-for half everybody,
& well wake up again, & change sides like pingpong.

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