if you kill someone bring them back to life

By | 27 February 2008

'theres a riot going on: quick throw away
your ciggies, & leave your house, in the wrong place;
breathe & drink water &-if necessary-the milk,
lie on a sunny riverbank. though you
may seem useless ignoring the rubbish
floating by youre working away; at your next big thought
& the approach youll use with a boy,
without headphones: ghosts, jesus said
will be with us always technology
doesnt change-that, if you could retract that look-'
you stand still on flinders lane
remembering a man from somewhere, who burnt himself,
to make it familiar; its the opposite,
tack but you dont know his pressures,
borders hes slipped through, of reality of personality,
anything he does is shocking-
he holds his heart like its a handle,
he doesnt-make, anything, still theres
a trace of his sweat in your
food clothes, run, you were born
where they didnt need a black market.
youre a student-of your own weakness
history & you act, as if well, contents irrelevant, newness-
your only criteria but incompatible with so
much you want to save eh; each little influence
& wisdom, only solves biggies, so many smallies,
in the realm of problems, each time you
must decide what different, thing you-
are going to do with the dead soldiers,
though you want to resist, without fighting
(his head on the steeringwheel like its a pillow)
look to your friends &-unfortunately their
cultures much the same as your own
so you stop, climb a hawthorn
& (neglecting to look at the braches-leaves view)
pick berries for the dying….
that wont save them & wont save you
dont kill a priest because a book said
to yet where does instruction come from these days:
'in history everyones brought back to life again';
so history expands in your mind releasing some of
the guilt you stir with your knife & life;
maybe becoming what you fear is an answer-
i mean if you fear your parents-
their mistakes are of a different-kind too:
though liable as anyone to be checked. by the
words of a guru its harder if people disappear
they come back dead of course or dont,
the less they leave the more motivation.
for example they go down to the river,
to escape their husbands-bark, bark, he kills his dog;
you take the child & make a new life
it seems impossible to do what you did before
except-error, error-& you realise that
yous not you: 'but someone else altogether.'

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