By | 1 August 2010

The relation between show & tell
show the seed tell the chair.

there were no poppies but there was beeswax,

there were no forums save the framed rain,

The lead shone purple.
Husks sprouted underneath, Not yellow,
Dry brown. The dried dead,
invited entered grey house, Falling sunflowers, Walked drowned.

Potted metal seedlings mock a germination clock,
Colour spools from fruits & grains,

Alone in their coffins with the dark,
Soft plants not electric but words,

hit floor. The light but largely not light hits the floor. Stuck Between
families & strangers making a visible Celebration.
* * *
THE INVISIBLE ACCOMPANIES us up & downstairs, hear the
record touch it. Leaves of cocoa vision & concept anchored by

insect sound. Instructions helpful to the point of irritating nonblind blind. I Scooped that was
my involvement left right Both.


* * *

HIS STRENGTH AND exposure in the early, in his
late current buzz. Old coins make treasure spotted hands make art

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