Submission to Cordite 45: SILENCE now open!

Cordite 45: SILENCE is guest edited by Jan Owen Silence as a theme could be interpreted, explored and challenged in innumerable ways. It might seem quietly paradoxical to even think of writing about absence of sound and language, but then …

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Cordite Works in the BAP 2013

A quick shout out to Ken Bolton, John Hawke, Andy Kissane, Shari Kocher, Jo Langdon, Cameron Lowe, Ella O’Keefe, Louise Oxley, Ann Vickery and Jessica L Wilkinson … the ten poets featured in Black Inc’s Best Australian Poetry 2013 whose …

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Silence Turned into Objects: Looking at where Poets Write

Among the most extreme, in the sense of horrific, writing places for poems bequeathed to us would be the conditions in which Ezra Pound produced The Pisan Cantos. There is some speculation as to the exact number of those Cantos …

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Coming in 2014 is Cordite 4X.1: MELBOURNE

Cordite Poetry Review is proud to announce a new partnership and support from the City of Melbourne. This means that our plans for a special issue, MELBOURNE, in response to Astrid Lorange’s beguiling SYDNEY, will proceed. MELBOURNE will be guest-edited …

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Collaborative Kelly Stalks Arcane New Ground

And to the bottom I will follow Conversations with Ghosts (CD) by Paul Kelly Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2013 While a long-time voracious song-writer and performer in his own right, Australian musician Paul Kelly has also been a collaborative nomad, drawn …

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More on Gaming Transmedia from Christy Dena

Christy Dena discusses ‘Emotion and the Self in Games‘ on ABC Radio National Emotional Gaming (7:47) | by Jason Di Rosso, Cassie McCullagh and Christy Dena

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Notes from Yerevan, Armenia

First impression: Yerevan undulates out the semi-desert, ringed with what look suspiciously like nuclear reactors. Flight SU1860 jolts down at (the recently privatised) Zvartnots airport, and we pass a dis-assemblage of passenger jets in various states of stripped-down decay. In …

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Notes from Medellín, Colombia

Since it began 23 years ago, the Internacional de Poesía de Medellín has grown to become a major poetry festival in the world, in a country riven by 50 years of civil war. This year’s Festival (6-13 July) coincided with a new round of peace talks in Havana between the Colombian Government and FARC, and FARC rebels reportedly fighting security forces in the mountains. The Festival featured Australian poet Les Wicks, who reports on his experience below. The Festival has also ‘grown’ up alongside seismic changes for the city of Medellín, Colombian’s second-largest and once described as the ‘most violent city in the world’ (Time, 1988), due to its brutal cocaine drug-cartel culture.

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So So … Submittable

Just a quick note to say that, beginning with GONDWANALAND, Cordite will be accepting online submissions via the Submittable platform for written work. Audio, media and scholarly are accepted as they have been. I resisted this kind of change for …

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Submission to Cordite 44: GONDWANALAND open!

Poetry for Cordite 44: GONDWANALAND will be guest-edited by Derek Motion with featured artists Maxine Beneba Clarke and Favianna Rodriguez. What does Gondwanaland mean to Motion? There is no intended prescriptive statement or gestalt. The name suggests a shared history …

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‘It was a place of force—’ Re-reading the Poems of ‘Ariel’

Ariel So much has happened to poetry since Sylvia Plath completed her last poems fifty years ago in 1963 that it might seem weird or regressively sentimental to focus back on them. But, encouraged to do so by a number of anniversary events around the globe this year, what strikes is the endurance of these final poems’ brutal clarity.

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Beveridge, Le Plastrier and Glastonbury

Cordite Poetry Review has three new names to welcome into the fold – Jacinta Le Plastrier, Judith Beveridge and Keri Glastonbury. Jacinta Le Plastrier is a Melbourne-based writer, poet, editor, publisher and journalist. She is now Cordite’s blog editor as …

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