When they Come for You: Poetry that Resists

‘This machine surrounds hatred and forces it to surrender’ were the words inscribed on the banjo of American folk legend and activist Pete Seeger, who died at 94 in late January 2014. Reading the tributes to Seeger, I was struck by a recurrent theme: his moral courage, which he lived out unrelentingly across a lifetime. Commenting on the ‘not common behaviours’ which made his life exemplary, a New Yorker post by biographer Alec Wilkinson wrote of ‘his insistence on his right to entertain his own conscience’.

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Submission to Cordite 47: COLLABORATION Open!

THIS IS NOW CLOSED. Cordite 48.0: CONSTRAINT is accepting submissions. Poetry for Cordite 47: COLLABORATION is guest-edited by Helen Lambert (Moscow) and Louis Armand (Prague). What kind of poems are we looking for?: Two (or more) people working together to …

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Submission to Cordite 46.1: MELBOURNE Now Open!

Poetry for Cordite 46.1: MELBOURNE is guest-edited by Michael Farrell. This will be Cordite Poetry Review‘s first special issue that includes a number of poems selected from open submissions. It is supported by the City of Melbourne through its Arts …

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Shining Worlds: On the Artist’s Book of Robert Adamson and Peter Kingston

I’m sitting in the Rare Books room of the State Library of Victoria, lost in time and strangely joyous as I encounter one of its new acquisitions, the late 2012 ‘artist’s book’ and collaboration between poet Robert Adamson and well-known …

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Stephen Edgar Launches Jakob Ziguras

Chains of SnowFrom time to time, a genuinely exciting poetry discovery arrives – I was going to say in the letterbox, but more usually now in the email inbox. So it was when Jakob Ziguras first sent me some of his poems, nearly two years ago now. He told me that he had been writing for some fifteen years but had made few attempts to publish his work. I could hardly reconcile the second fact with the first. It was immediately apparent, when I began to read what he had sent me, that I was not dealing with a mere beginner. Here was someone who had not only pretty well mastered the technical skills of formal verse but could employ them – and this does not always follow – to compose poetry. He was already writing with authority and a clearly individual voice.

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Submission to Cordite 46: NO THEME III Now Open!

Poetry for Cordite 46: NO THEME III is guest-edited by Felicity Plunkett I am interested in the idea of architecture as a way of capturing the place of a ‘no theme’ issue … amidst Cordite‘s many themed ones. In the …

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Notes from New York, New York

New York Diary, 6 November 2013 The day begins at the Hollywood Diner on West 16th and Sixth. I used to keep office hours at Joe Junior’s down at 12th but they closed it two years ago and shifted it, …

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The Breath of Vast Time

I sit in Kevin Kiernan’s garden on the middle slopes of The Mountain. In the 1970s a young Kevin Kiernan was prominent in the unsuccessful struggle to save Lake Pedder from inundation within a back-up storage reservoir, a struggle that stands within Australian history as the first great nationally-scoped battle for wilderness preservation. Kiernan’s essay from those days, ‘I Saw My Temple Ransacked’, remains an Australian classic of engaged nature writing.

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Submission to Cordite 45: SILENCE now open!

Cordite 45: SILENCE is guest edited by Jan Owen Silence as a theme could be interpreted, explored and challenged in innumerable ways. It might seem quietly paradoxical to even think of writing about absence of sound and language, but then …

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Cordite Works in the BAP 2013

A quick shout out to Ken Bolton, John Hawke, Andy Kissane, Shari Kocher, Jo Langdon, Cameron Lowe, Ella O’Keefe, Louise Oxley, Ann Vickery and Jessica L Wilkinson … the ten poets featured in Black Inc’s Best Australian Poetry 2013 whose …

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Silence Turned into Objects: Looking at where Poets Write

Among the most extreme, in the sense of horrific, writing places for poems bequeathed to us would be the conditions in which Ezra Pound produced The Pisan Cantos. There is some speculation as to the exact number of those Cantos …

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Coming in 2014 is Cordite 4X.1: MELBOURNE

Cordite Poetry Review is proud to announce a new partnership and support from the City of Melbourne. This means that our plans for a special issue, MELBOURNE, in response to Astrid Lorange’s beguiling SYDNEY, will proceed. MELBOURNE will be guest-edited …

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