By | 16 October 2021

[Slide 1] You will notice all the best workers
in the world purport to be fisherman[citation needed].
[Slide 2] Back when I used to drink I used to die.
[Slide 3] Not to be dramatic but flies come from
nowhere. We know this because [Slide 4] there is
a placeholder for a life-sized life. Meanwhile, you
are to the vectoralist what surrealism is to advertising.
Lunchbroken and broke and [Slide 5] stand still.
Watch what its tail does. [Slide 6] Dad was a
fishermansee: Unemployed, disambiguation and so was
his dadsee: Houseless, disambiguation. [Slide 7] Two images.
Side by side. A hotdog made from the same stuff as
a black hole. A life-size Tech Deck. Brainstorm
on the butcher’s paper. First thought is the best
thought! [Slide 8] Delete this. [Slide 9] Who would’ve
guessed the best worker in the world was a spinoff
series of injuries. [Slide 10] *Superexcellent pizza
party in the middle of wellbeing week*. [Slide 11]
The workers’ honeyful argot regorged and maimed by
those who wear collared shirts to establish credibility.
For example: [Slide 12] Doomed if you do [forward
slash] Doomed if you don’t. Delete [Slide 13] this disbelief.
[Slide 14] Commission misery first, the morning second.
Daily template for success. [Slide 15] Icebreaker activity:
describe addictionyour weekend as a class struggleteam
building exercise without bescumbering the perpetual.
[Slide 16] If I ever die, which I probably won’t[citation needed],
crowdsurf my coffin across the food court at Westfield
[Slide 17] Clown emoji. [Slide 18] An escalator step
disappears into the floor with you. [Slide 19] So drunk
at late night shopping right now Sent from my iPhone
[Slide 20] This page is intentionally left blank. Lossless
[Slide 21] compression. Every day is [Slide 22] Opposite
Day if you’re alienated enough. [Slide 23] One million
dead meme formats. [Slide 24] What is a professional
development opportunity if not unpaid labour persevering?
For example: [Slide 25] The crocodile is an ancient
creature. One million dollars! [Slide 26] A distant shipyard
horn sounds across the town, which is to say [Slide 27]
Cowboy emoji. [Slide 28] Note how you are nothing
without a caffeine headache. [Slide 29] Using what you
have learned in today’s session, return to your teams
and show them [Slide 30] how to delete this

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