Brendan Casey on as Cordite Scholarly Editor

By | 2 December 2019

I’m honoured to announce that Brendan Casey will be taking up the helm of Cordite Scholarly Editor. Casey is a doctoral candidate in the English and Theatre Studies program, University of Melbourne, researching Australian poetry and fiction through a postnational or ‘unAustralian’ lens. His research focuses on ‘literary visitors’ and their writing about Australia.

Says Casey, ‘I am excited to publish new and revisionary approaches to Australian literature and poetics, work which challenges established ideas of national culture or celebrates under-researched local authors. I am interested in Australia’s place within the globe, particularly among its immediate Pacific and Asian neighbours.’

This also means that Matthew Hall will be leaving the post after 11 years, though will remain on our advisory board. His contribution to Cordite Poetry Review is incalculable, and there is not a deep enough thanks I can extend for his commitment, insight and development of the scholarship we’ve published.

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