Eloise Grills

Eloise Grills is a writer and visual artist. Her book, big beautiful female theory, was shortlisted for the 2023 Stella Prize and the Indie Book Award for Illustrated Nonfiction. She is currently on a residency at the Keesing Studio at the Cité Internationale Des Artes in Paris, where she is developing a graphic novel.

The members of *NSYNC are absorbed inside The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch and sing the song ‘Pop’ but it sounds haunting and weird like that recording of the butt music from Bosch’s painting: a triptych

I Like a poet, like a sucker, I am married to the source-code of language Hoovering up etymologies and then regurgitating them ad nauseum like a debate captain in an American high school movie According to According to the …

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NO THEME XI Editorial

A lot happened over the months we spent working on this issue, from November when we published our playful, hyperactive call-out, to now, the beginning of winter, a date that marks a shift in the year’s trajectory. It’s time to …

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Submission to Cordite 105: NO THEME 11

We want poetry that is effusive and overwrought and hyperbolic and melancholic and sentimental and dark and cheesy and twisted, that pushes itself so far past the realm of good taste that it glides gleefully into ugliness.

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The Blurst Bitch

It is a truth universally acknowledged That a single man in possession of a good fortune Must be in want of a dumb bitch bride Jane Austen sort of wrote that And then I wrote it down I’m the queen …

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Dispatch from the Future Fish

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To Live There: on ‘Dispatch from the Future Fish’

Dispatch from the Future Fish is a visual poem that is deliberately referential, opening up conversations and foregrounding the notion of writing into certain traditions: those that are given to us and those that we choose.

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This one goes out to all the CC Babcocks of the world

The angelica pickles the regina georges the omarosas the cruellas the ursulas because your parents naming you ursula never gave you a chance They say in a world full of marilyns be an audrey They say why buy the cow …

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Reading a list of celebrities who own islands as self-care

Johnny Depp owns an island A-Ha, the band that sang Take on Me collectively Own an island while The Lonely Island Do not own one, Marlon Brando, Who is dead, is on the list of island owners Leonardo DiCaprio, Ricky …

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