The Blurst Bitch

By | 1 May 2020

It is a truth universally acknowledged
That a single man in possession of a good fortune
Must be in want of a dumb bitch bride
Jane Austen sort of wrote that
And then I wrote it down
I’m the queen of writing dumb things down
And the king of not deleting them
These are the riches of my noble lands
The Kingdom of Dumbitchwriteria
Adjacent to: Genovia AND
And all the fictional movie kingdoms
Which make up the dull impermanence of my mind

People are always talking about man’s hubris
When they could be talking about man’s pubis
It’s like… here lies me, Ozymandius, in my bubble bath of sand
Spitting on all who pass me and shitting beneath the sand
Split my swan neck watch the dumb bitch juice flow
I mean the creative juices
I mean the red wine and coke zero
I mean the dumb bitch juices

I’ve got dumb-bitch-itis
My organs slick, sick with talent and insight
Like a stupid chicken stuffed inside a stupid duck stuffed in a stupid turkey
I have so many layers I’m like an onion
I have so many layers I am an onion
But I also have a fructose allergy
Get me away from me!

I have nothing special about me
I don’t even have my wits
Each morning I wake up and it’s a little later in the day of my life
I’m roaring towards something
I’m snoring like a freight train towards a distant station
Where cheap cigarette girls sell
Petit packets of petit mort

Faster than a lil Lana Del Rey of light
Between Madonna’s thighs
Out out brief candle
Life is just a tear-jerk shadow
Life is just a knee-jerk shallow
Life is just a circle jerk meadow

& I’m lying here so daintily
Thinking: my god life is so flimsy like the first dinosaur-bird
Let me die out too young and so pretty yet such a bore

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