Jill Jones

Jill Jones was born in Sydney and has lived in Adelaide since 2008. Her latest book is Acrobat Music: New and Selected Poems, published in 2023. Other recent books include Wild Curious Air, winner of the 2021 Wesley Michel Wright Prize, A History Of What I’ll Become, shortlisted for the 2021 Kenneth Slessor Award and the 2022 John Bray Award, and Viva the Real, shortlisted for the 2019 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Poetry and the 2020 John Bray Award. In 2015 she won the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Poetry for The Beautiful Anxiety. Her work is widely published in Australia and internationally and has been translated into a number of languages, including Chinese, French, Italian, Czech, Macedonian and Spanish. She currently writes and teaches freelance, and previously has worked as an academic, arts administrator, journalist, and book editor.

Give Yourself Up

(poem ending on Newtown graffiti) If I do not join       clouds       my attempts of song hit       the roof       line without wings my effort but       she’s crying       conversation leaks damage       & not alone I swig orange       sun ahead of rain it figures       your life planes cuts       across trails spans aerials       I am …

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This issue of Cordite makes a bow to music and the ways musicians in various modes and guises have used electric technologies to generate sound. When David suggested this editing gig to me, I thought how odd, and then, perhaps, …

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Electronica Spoken Word Mix

[audio:,,,,,,,,,,,,,|titles=Yes I Dream of Electric Sheep,I do want it,Collective Hypnosis,Trouble Shooter,Dream Machines,bio,We Are Here,The Fire That Baba Threw,The Need Feed,My Autopsy,Gathering the Pieces of Your Shattered Palace,Recipes for the Disaster,My Old Amish Grampa,The Simple Life|artists=Philip Norton,Emilie Collyer & Tim Redmond,David …

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“The sky becomes” (“하늘은 된다”)

THE SKY BECOMES more assertive and does not care for my clothes. I stare at the driver until he stops cold, assertive. She tells me a story of brothers and hospitals, it’s about success and inquiry. I remembered the way …

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"I came from" (나의 고향은)

I CAME FROM the lagoon looking for air. I had no companions. I learnt to read by the wayside who follows the hours with days. The names of the gods are in the clouds and on each numberplate. I’m counting …

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Jill Jones Live at the Globe

[audio:] Jill Jones live at The Globe bookstore (8:50) Prague, 15 April 2009.

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Music is the calm of a bracelet, girdle, helmet inside words don't matter I've found no terror in the package the song contains there's a type of blue it resembles, one not grown ancient the patina was freedom or something …

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Raven Malley’s Statement

It's all incomplete. The seasons win that battle, but these poems, published for the first time here, are the wild surprise of women, of Malley girls. The Malley man was true as he was taken, still is. He is our …

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Raven Malley: When He Was Maximised

RAVEN MALLEY is the daughter of Ethel Malley. She lived for most of the 1970s in a commune on the North Coast, Woomynlaynd, but after finally learning how to spell she moved back to Croydon and has devoted herself to re-inventing the lost works of her mother, who she believes was wrongly characterised as a suburban philistine due to a forged letter. Raven is writing a potentially explosive expose of the true Malley behind the ectoplasm, which asks “who really wrote Ern's poems?”

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Morning Rattles the Clouds

Morning sun online helpless against                     swept across news waked to sultry trade Whenever I fly easy           wings rattle shame, well – got me, baby, up against the fence (way you do/ shame on you) Construction elbows shadow scaffolding halfway up, …

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Arctic patrol 1942     1. Shore leave In the ignored morning spent early firing guns turning my ears inside out got cleaned up caught the truck and train visited my good friend Fox in the Basement Bar   2. …

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Taipei Breathing

For 14 days over Christmas 2001-2, I spent time with friends in Taipei, capital city of Taiwan. These are some brief impressions of my time there. Quotes are from work in progress.

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The Mini-Series

Dads play with old train sets – 'It wouldn't kill you to be nice.' On the soft beach when there's no surf. It's the little things you do for five per cent deposit. The bar is empty Send them home …

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