Morning Rattles the Clouds

By | 1 January 2004

Morning sun online
helpless against
                    swept across news
waked to sultry trade

Whenever I fly easy
rattle shame, well –
got me, baby, up against the fence
(way you do/ shame on you)

Construction elbows shadow scaffolding
halfway up, into
information –
Jesus among the clouds
several versions since the 1970s

       creation machines
           – readable

Boss loony/ dot aspirations/      blow!
all but ready to lie
in the corner
                     (Too bad …)

Advertise Gay4Pay
read the corner
so the right buttock will be
keeping the score

From front page morning
a sliding puzzle
              (page 3
                         for the light)

People look up (maybe???)

My dragon statue
tacks the corner this morning


Note: This poem was the result of a search using an ixQuick metasearch. It was written for Search Poems but did not end up being used. It has been tweaked slightly in the meantime and this is its first publication.

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