"I came from" (나의 고향은)

By | 22 May 2011

I CAME FROM the lagoon looking for air.
I had no companions.
I learnt to read by the wayside
who follows the hours with days.
The names of the gods are in the clouds
and on each numberplate.
I’m counting on you wherever you may be.

Twigs make their letters. What’s become
of the story lost into mangroves and tides?
Lists extend from scraps
and packages waterlogged with the moon.
The car tyre is without companions.
The lake sings a little. My consonants drown.
Nothing happens because of you.

Here’s a track and some old crime tape.
The highway is over the hill
where the harriers drift. Wings in relation to air.
Air by the wayside, in the trees.
Watery watery air.

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