Jeremy Balius

Review Short: Outcrop: radical Australian poetry of land

As I write this review, sunlight filtered through a pall of smoke casts a dull orange glow over my kitchen bench. The Blue Mountains are burning. Sydney’s haze resembles downtown Beijing’s and it’s only October. Such an apocalyptic scene – part of the ‘Australian experience’ I am assured by our Prime Minister – provides context for the world into which Outcrop and its ‘radical poetry of land’ emerges. This is not to suggest that the anthology’s outlook is primarily environmental, but that alternative ways of examining land are sorely needed.

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Klick: Im Gespräch mit Ann Cotten

Also gut, nun dies: Vor einigen Jahren war ein Teil meines Hirns voll mit kargem, sprunghaftem MAX/MSP, dronenartigem Zeug. Es ist immer noch so. Auf der ständigen Suche (immerfort mehr! Alles, immer!) nach AGF-Kompositionen (ein Pseudonym der Künstlerin Antje-Greie Fuchs … Recherche lohnt sich).

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Click: A Conversation with Ann Cotten

Okay, so now this: some years ago, a portion of my headspace was filled with sparse, glitchy MAX/MSP, droney type stuff. It still is.

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6 Artworks by Jeremy Balius

I’m interested in language as a material of making, particularly in states of formation and cessation. I’ve been working at the crossroads of calligraphy, pre-Renaissance German handwriting and graffiti, while referencing a cursive mode of writing I was taught in school while growing up in Germany.

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Submission to Cordite 43: MASQUE is now open!

Ann VickeryThis issue is the Masque. It extends an invite to displays of Devices and Mythic Mayhem. It desires to entertain Bold Interiors of Poetic Fancy and Brocaded Rewindings, Lyricised run-ons and flirtatious Kinks in the Narrative. A toying with Masks and Anti-Masks of identity, gender guises and human conceit.

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Hitunglah Kebaikan Yang Pernah Kau Berikan | Pony Up Your Beatitudes, Homeboys

Hitunglah Kebaikan Yang Pernah Kau Berikan, wahai teman-teman sepermainanku Hitunglah kebaikan yang pernah kamu berikan, wahai teman-teman sepermainanku.      Nujuma dari penasehatku – yang bilang niat itu tak terlalu penting untuk semua yang telah diniatkan – cukup untuk menjelaskan gagasan tentang …

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