Paul-Henri Campbell

3 Poems by Lydia Daher

November the rain is falling these days like a superfluous statement probably in order to give the grey a reason to mirror itself once more and there i am sneaking around november puddles together with the light of a broken …

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2 Poems by Ulrike Draesner

untitled alongside the field vor uns um uns                                         a banquet row gravel, surfaces, one and a half yards wide your accuracy the lopsided slant of the road the usual 2.5% beneath a creamy sun’s frosty halo against the ascending turf’s …

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2 Poems by Nora Gomringer

The Hunter You bring along cake and wine, happen upon the wolf. He opens his pants and says: Reach inside. And he’s standing close to your car window while he speaks and you pray that he may not realize that …

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Klick: Im Gespräch mit Ann Cotten

Also gut, nun dies: Vor einigen Jahren war ein Teil meines Hirns voll mit kargem, sprunghaftem MAX/MSP, dronenartigem Zeug. Es ist immer noch so. Auf der ständigen Suche (immerfort mehr! Alles, immer!) nach AGF-Kompositionen (ein Pseudonym der Künstlerin Antje-Greie Fuchs … Recherche lohnt sich).

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