Submission to Cordite 43: MASQUE is now open!

By and | 1 April 2013
Ann Vickery

Ann Vickery, shadowed

Poetry for Cordite 43: MASQUE will be guest-edited by Ann Vickery with featured artists Jeremy Balius and Lily Mae Martin (coverstar).

This issue will be the Masque. An invitation is extended to displays of Devices and Mythic Mayhem, Stage Effects and Staged Affect. The issue desires to entertain Bold Interiors of Poetic Fancy and Brocaded Renderings, Lyricised Run-ons, and flirtatious Kinks in the Narrative. It seeks a toying with Masks and Anti-Masks of identity and all forms of Gender guises. The issue will delight in submissions that feature courtly design, political or ethical high drama, human conceit, or wall-to-wall costumed allegory. It calls for Mock eucalypt Grottos and Other Pastoral Settings, Love’s elevations and What Lies behind the Curtains.

Cordite 43: MASQUE will feature Intimate Publics, including Persons, Ladies, Knaves, and even perhaps the occasional Wild Goose. Dumbshows and intermissions. Tableaux of Dreams and Tragedy. Panels of Festive or Fabled curiosities, all for Recreational Consumption.

Acquiesce. Submit (experience the full details).

Ann Vickery teaches Literary Studies at Deakin University. She is the author of Leaving Lines of Gender: A Feminist Genealogy of Language Writing (Wesleyan 2000) and Stressing the Modern: Cultural Politics in Australian Women’s Poetry (Salt 2007). She is also co-author with Maryanne Dever and Sally Newman of The Intimate Archive: Journeys through Private Papers (National Library of Australia, 2009) and co-editor with Margaret Henderson of Manifesting Australian Literary Feminisms: Nexus and Faultlines (Australian Literary Studies, 2009). She has been a past editor-in-chief of HOW2, a journal of innovative women’s writing and scholarship, and has published poetry in a range of national and international journals.

Cordite 44: GONDWANALAND with poetry guest-edited by Derek Motion coming up.

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