David Prater

David Prater Interviews John Leonard

In December 2007 Canberra-based poet John Leonard wrapped up his innings as poetry editor of Overland, the Melbourne-based journal whose motto is Temper democratic, bias Australian.

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Ryan Scott reviews David Prater and MTC Cronin

We Will Disappear by David Prater papertiger media, 2007 Our Life is a Box. / Prayers Without a God by MTC Cronin papertiger media, 2007 It would be unfair to David Prater and MTC Cronin to construct some tenuous link …

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Q&A with Ryan Paine

We've all read those interviews where the interviewer begins by making a few remarks about his or her subject – perhaps something cliched about a 'piercing gaze' or 'bubbly persona' – as a way of easing the reader into what promises to be a puff piece or a booster article …

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David Prater: Hits & Online Readership

Frank Moorhouse's article in The Sunday Age (full text here) discusses the ongoing Meanjin 'controversy' in a much-needed context: that of the troubles currently facing print magazines, as well as some of the problems facing online magazines in Australia.

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Generation of Zeroes

Cordite 25 – Generation of Zeroes is now online, featuring new works by a whole bunch of digitally cool poets including Carol Jenkins, Derek Motion, Elena Knox, Jill Jones, Joel Deane, Klare Lanson and more! Our special guest poetry editor …

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David Prater: Exes & Zeroes

sing/ a song of/exes & zeroes/ just one/ now down a maple lane/we walk/together/talk of breaking up/getting back together/forever/never whatever /slam doors/ walking through them/ first glances/second go/ looks that kill or maim/ circumstance/rhythms/ return home/clothes/off or on/unanswered calls/ last …

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Greetings to the New Malleys

Ern Malley, the original dromedary of Australian poetry has been anthologised, criticised and mythologised beyond belief. It's perhaps sobering to reflect that while Ern Malley's creators, his twin Gepettos James Macauley and Harold Stewart along with his original sponsor Max Harris have passed from this world, Ern's legend lives on. What is it about Ern Malley that refuses to die?

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Abby S. Malley: Dürer: Innsbruck (2005)

ABBY S. MALLEY is a professional llama wrangler who grew up in the

Victorian town of Ouyen. This is her first publication and she would like to

dedicate this poem to the memory of her beloved father.

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David Prater Interviews John Tranter

In the following interview with David Prater, John discusses his editorial philosophy, the future of the global internet and the mystery of his missing moustache.

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Dead Poem Office

I read the last rites over your submission today & since our procedures have been streamlined I'm delighted & at the same time proud to say That we've found a place for your poetry here. Give us your poems & …


Editorial Intervention

Usually I despise the practice whereby editors place their own work in an issue of the publication they're editing. Apart from denying a place to someone whose work is probably better, such actions often signal a kind of desperation, a …

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Domesticated Enemies

Our 21st issue, Domestic Enemy, sees Cordite finally obtain its majority! From our humble beginnings in 1997, it's been a long and dusty road, filled with many pit-stops, refuels, vehicle and driver changes, roadblocks, fake abductions, detours and [insert your …

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