David Prater

A Message To BardsterTM Users

The BardsterTM community is as you know the largest & fastest growing community on the internet & we have you to thank for that. Since BardsterTM's launch last year poetry lovers have downloaded more than eight billion poems from our …

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David Prater Interviews Emilie Zoey Baker

“You Talkin' To Me?” is a brand new CD compilation of Melbourne's spoken word talent, featuring the likes of Ed Burger, Sean M Whelan, Edwina Preston, Terry Jaensch, Dorothy Porter and Phil Norton. It's Emilie Zoey Baker's baby, but she …

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The theme for this, the 11th issue of Cordite and our fifth online, is copyleft. As one contributor recently asked: “What the #$%! is that?” It's a good question.

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A Close Encounter With CyberBarbie

Being the editor of an internet journal and all, I thought it might be nice to engage with the new media, like, and try and have some kind of conversation with an online avatar – in this case, the now-disappeared …

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Location Asia-Australia

Well, we've finally reached double figures. Welcome to the tenth issue of Cordite, and our fifth issue online. By the time you read this, our site counter will have ticked over 8,000 page impressions. This may sound like small change …

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David Prater reports back from NYWF 2001

National Young Writers Festival September 29 to October 3, 2001 Newcastle, Australia I don't care what anyone says; the 2001 National Young Writer's Festival was never going to be as good as last year's or the one before that. At …

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A few weeks ago a friend pointed out to me that if you type www.cordite.com.au into a web browser and, as the saying goes, 'run it through the Internet', you'll find not this site (we're steadfastly .org) but a guns …

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David Prater Interviews Amanda Kerley

For five glorious, sweltering days each October, Newcastle plays host to one of the biggest youth arts festival in Australia. Under the umbrella of This Is Not Art (or TINA) not one but four festivals are held simultaneously in the …

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Welcome to the first Internet-only issue of Cordite. Issue #8 reflects a period of transition within Cordite. Migrating to the Web has been a difficult and confusing process, with which we have not yet fully come to grips. We now …

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David Prater Interviews Pi O

Pi O was born in Greece (1951) and raised in Fitzroy, Melbourne. A founding member of the Poets' Union, he has edited books of poetry such as Fitzroy, 925, Missing Forms (1980) – a visual poetry anthology, and Off the …

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ken you were the only vietnamese member of my year 12 modern history class you must have found it odd to be studying the history of indochina from a white perspective but then history is cunning makes fools of many …

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Xanana’s Dog

You can call me Xanana’s dog but You can’t run from my lapping tongue; please Say a prayer for Xanana’s dog but Don’t you dare tell them where I am. They can’t find Xanana Gusmao, though They search the church …

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