By | 2 February 2001

ken you were the only vietnamese member
of my year 12 modern history class you
must have found it odd to be studying
the history of indochina from

a white perspective but then history is
cunning makes fools of many of us not
you ken you were smarter than most
excelling at german history of all

things scoring top marks for your oral
presentation ken when you chose to be
adolf hitler a small part of me broke
inside you handed it right back to

all the boys who called you kenny
long tan kenny lao bing kenny tet offensive
giving a brilliant dissection of your own
motives during the final years of the war ken

we were spellbound by your commitment
to nazism and the purity of the white race
adolf you taught me more than any h.s.c.
curriculum could have i was your albert

speer i would have killed you if i had the
chance but you foiled me ken and i failed

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