Zoe Rodriguez: The Danger of Copyleft

Where I work, at Copyright Agency Limited, which collects and distributes over $100 million a year for its 17,000 authors and publisher members, we sometimes say when it all gets too hard, ‘nobody ever died because of copyright’. So, it was chastening to see the agony Tolstoy endured late in his life over whether to offer his works to the commons or retain copyright acted out with such passion in The Last Station.

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Laurie Duggan: Cover Me [borrowed title]

It's in the nature of poetry that sampling, covering, or borrowing, conscious or unconscious happens all the time. We all try to write like people we admire. In the case of satire we may try to write like people we don't like at all. In language there are only so many riffs there for the taking and what makes a poem interesting is the manner in which it performs its little (or big) thefts.

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Rebecca Cannon: Detritus – Copyleft In Action

For five years Steev Hise has been collecting cultural fall out which certain detrivores would have us call art. Passionately cataloguing, nurturing and studying these oft discarded remnants of society, Hise runs the web site, a minefield for corporate …

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A Message To BardsterTM Users

The BardsterTM community is as you know the largest & fastest growing community on the internet & we have you to thank for that. Since BardsterTM's launch last year poetry lovers have downloaded more than eight billion poems from our …

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