Stuart Barnes

Double Acrostic

‘Leg magic!’ I’d chant, swinging higher behind the badminton centre, flaunting Mum’s earrings and Razzamatazz—nylon whoosh—and my barely hairy legs, ever-unat -tended tenant of that gravelly South Hobart park where purple plums also burst philo -sophically; Sophocles chronicled doom in …

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Winners for the Val Vallis Award for an Unpublished Poem 2017

Run by Queensland Poetry Festival, and named in honour of a distinguished Queensland poet, the Arts Queensland Val Vallis Award for an Unpublished Poem is committed to encouraging poets throughout Australia. 2017 Selection panel: Stuart Barnes and Michell Cahill.

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The Pardoner

with thanks to Dustin Brookshire On the wall a small plate of sunshine altered position bit by bit. He’d’ve had me pick from Gothic headstones. While he washed I turned the deco doorknob with military precision. Briefs, wallet, keys. Though …

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Alexis Lateef Reviews Stuart Barnes

Stuart Barnes’s early exposure to poetry reads like a literary fantasy. As a child he attended the same Tasmanian church as Gwen Harwood. The two struck up an unlikely friendship, and Harwood encouraged him to write. That formative experience saw him move to Melbourne to study literature where, in 2005, he was handed a notebook and, once again, urged to write. Barnes’ first collection of poetry, Glasshouses, is the culmination of years of carefully honed impressions, reflections and commentary.

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Killing Bill or whatever the hell his name is (‘Battle Without Honor or Humanity’)

with a line from Yeats No one expected the second coming out: a burst rubber, a premature BOOM! ‘PEP,’ you echoed. ‘I’ll drive you to Bolsover first thing in the morning.’ His speechlessness a stun grenade, ignored calls blast mines. …

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“You’ll feel quite at home.” Here at the earth’s end at the end of my bed. At the end of the day. At the end, words won’t be an issue. Time will end an end to grey? on a slope …

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The house received all ornaments to grace it, The walls were of discolour’d jasper-stone, One window shut, the other open stood, The time is come, I must depart My last thread, I shall perish on the shore; Ring out your …

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On May 31, 2011, as headliner of Sydney’s VIVID LIVE, The Cure played one of two ‘Reflections’ Shows – its first three LPs (Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds, Faith) in their entirety, as well as a fourteen track encore; ‘The …

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‘King’ James Malley: Genesis

WHETHER we listen with aloof amusement to the dreamlike mumbo jumbo of some red-eyed witch doctor of the Congo, or read with cultivated rapture thin translations from the sonnets of the mystic Lao-tse; now and again crack the hard nutshell …

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‘King’ James Malley: Revelation

The modern hero, the modern individual who dares to heed the call and seek the mansion of that presence with whom it is our whole destiny to be atoned, cannot, indeed must not, wait for his community to cast of …

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‘King’ James Malley: Prayer of Manasses

The figure of the tyrant-monster is known to the mythologies, folk traditions, legends, and even nightmares, of the world; and his characteristics are everywhere essentially the same. He had not been down that way under The Hill for ages and …

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Janice ‘Pearl’ Malley: The 27 Club

ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE ––– my name was Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was raped and bled for diffidence, bad grammar, sadder cliché. Or was it Dylan Thomas Aquinas, il …

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