Jeff Guess

Car Park Crows

Their eyes are steel sequins fixed with a dark tack gripping down on soft plastic handles of deserted supermarket trolleys. Sitting out of chrome cages preying on what’s remained as rubbish, the gun-metal gaze waits for something to click. They …

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Winners for the Val Vallis Award for an Unpublished Poem 2017

Run by Queensland Poetry Festival, and named in honour of a distinguished Queensland poet, the Arts Queensland Val Vallis Award for an Unpublished Poem is committed to encouraging poets throughout Australia. 2017 Selection panel: Stuart Barnes and Michell Cahill.

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His Master’s Voice

for my father Shovel i. Beneath a trademark rust – spendnought the worn calligraphy of work – still stamped on the shaft. The work ethic of his generation. Not replaced but repaired, over and over again. The patchwork of so …

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