Jeff Guess

Jeff Guess teaches English in country and metropolitan secondary schools, poetry at the Adelaide Institute of TAFE, and tutors at the University of South Australia. His first book Leaving Maps appeared in 1984 and was hailed by Judith Rodriguez in The Sydney Morning Herald as a major collection. Since then ten collections have been published, the most recent being Autumn in Cantabile. He has written three textbooks on teaching poetry and edited nine poetry anthologies. He has won numerous prizes for his poetry and been awarded six writing grants.

Car Park Crows

Their eyes are steel sequins fixed with a dark tack gripping down on soft plastic handles of deserted supermarket trolleys. Sitting out of chrome cages preying on what’s remained as rubbish, the gun-metal gaze waits for something to click. They …

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His Master’s Voice

for my father Shovel i. Beneath a trademark rust – spendnought the worn calligraphy of work – still stamped on the shaft. The work ethic of his generation. Not replaced but repaired, over and over again. The patchwork of so …

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