Bronwyn Lovell

Phoning home

i. I am not so brave as Elliot, could never lay out a candy path for hungry, lost forms to follow through the dark backyard to my bedroom door. ii. I’m in awe of this pale, awkward boy peddling hard …

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Winners for the Val Vallis Award for an Unpublished Poem 2017

Run by Queensland Poetry Festival, and named in honour of a distinguished Queensland poet, the Arts Queensland Val Vallis Award for an Unpublished Poem is committed to encouraging poets throughout Australia. 2017 Selection panel: Stuart Barnes and Michell Cahill.

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Quietly, on the way to Mars

i. There were things I was sorry to see fade: the haze of Earth’s atmosphere, the last soundwaves from home, and his fingerprints on my skin. ii. They sent him to sprinkle seeds like fairy dust, to thaw frozen soil …

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How to Love Bronwyn

Don’t try too hard. If it requires effort, if it is difficult for you, this is not for your portfolio. It must come naturally, like holding out your hand to test for rain, and if you should feel something, put …

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