By | 1 May 2012
On May 31, 2011, as headliner of Sydney’s VIVID LIVE, The Cure played
one of two ‘Reflections’ Shows – its first three LPs (Three Imaginary Boys,
Seventeen Seconds, Faith) in their entirety, as well as a fourteen track encore;
‘The Lovecats’ closed both performances – at the Opera House’s Concert Hall.

even sunstruck the ribs rise
from Bennelong Point like Arthur C.
Clarke’s black slab

I storm the frets, stopping
only to whirl when your aperture’s
cocked at my spine

this hair’s a tornado
of sand ridiculous, you needle,
a blond gothic

no licks of laughter
(Father, Son, Ghost shedding Prozac)
my Scorpio sting: fuck off, Madame Acronym


the ticket snakes
on knotted
wood shoved between twin beds

we had no need
for such arpeggiated space

dulled, you insult
in my headphones: ‘Other
Voices’, ‘A Reflection’, ‘Grinding Halt’

Fender grey,
a sea gull pummels crossbows
on the pane


three four five
raven finished
casts embark Dry Ice

I’m more cleft
than that acoustic-electric
presented by my Daddy

in stunting aisles minors gravedigger-
dance and mew
the lovecatsss

a crèche of stars
weeps plasma at the mutilated
placard of the Harbour

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