By | 15 May 2023

I made one
thousand for
you whose T

cells were done
for, dashed———or
so we, pea

pod, thought. Bun
of milk wore
my mouth, tea

of green. Un
-dyed squares bore
up, souled. The

autumns spun,
the seashore
shared blue sea

stars, the sun
-dial tore
up its ski

-nose. You, hon,
kept one oar
———two———in free

water. Fun
nurses swore
Luv ya, Swee’

Pea! but none
loved to draw
blood. High-key

legs———a ton
———reached through your
last pane, knee

bones undone
———steel streaked. Four
stars locked. Pea

-cocks furled. Kan
’s core
scorned esprit,

but in run
light your sure
cherry tree

booms. As one,
birds upsoar
———red-crowned key.

Note: ‘In Japan, the 60th year of life is called kanreki and is celebrated as a rebirth or a re-entry into childhood’, from Jessa Gardner’s ‘“Kanreki” — A Red Letter 60th Anniversary for the Garden’,, May 26, 2020

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