By | 15 May 2023

The baby at my breast displays
manners of an astronaut [title
case —italics] —the poet’s face
clean in greyscale.

The baby’s face is opening
towards milk & sensation, close
reading—that is to say
resemblance budding

in the double I/eye
of those beholding—precluding
the book’s jacket & its poet.
My friend says sleep

when the baby sleeps, clean
when the baby cleans.
later do I think to figure
the corporal from domestic

(at least ostensibly). I’d like to cue:
‘Ladies & Gentlemen We Are
Floating in Space’. Other moments
Karen O’s expression

in song & acronym
to A— her shining face
through each slide
of voice & saline; red

profusion of mouth in the pop
and soar towards please
Say anything
inside another

word: letter to letter— Later,
the baby sleeps & I will
emote, emit enough
for everyone.

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