By | 1 June 2022

‘As for me, I produce awkward objects’
—Alina Szapocznikow

To know her
completely by name—starting

of my friend offers by text
lessons in pronunciation
that begin by ‘soft n’: midway

or further still, & annoying,
as though impersonating a bee sound.

Start with lip lamps

at another outset: where breath
might surface—hold between
tongue & palate. There,

the woman’s head is
pure suggestion—all promise
& easy enough to conjure. Yes,

I’d sometimes like to take off
one half of a face, too: mine
or someone else’s.

This soft relief of leaving
the jaw line, alone—eyes
resting away

from each slide
of gaze, each surface
blazing in impressions,

intimations of softness.
Alina, for her part
compels: ‘Chew well—’

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