By | 1 May 2012


the office & library
cooling system hum
outside the weather

feet on pedal or dash
we refuel loyal listeners
tolerating radio’s sight gags
took the bridge coming in


so that here –
Port Botany sky
curators race for cover

our late 80s archive
an amateurish mix of creams and whites –
is the view you paid for (sixteen replays
are inconclusive)


this morning by the stairs a famous face what’shisname

give way to the
portrait of an unknown

a red flag sirens
the beach is open
even when it’s closed
scene to breathe life into


: almost on cue

a breeze reports
first in the crumbly architecture
stippling windward

tracking the flown inflatable
as far as

White Cliffs


when the kids get tired
the big kids get wired
when the kids get wired…

he has a boat out front
the adulation of the gulls
french for welcomes/


short of a stop

time/location met
peremptory bus doors

with these wheels
perambulate sandhills

retired elevator
card in the lock


timed cued to cross

& short flight home
to spurred ledges

not sure where
walking ends &
traipsing begins

i folly the signs

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