Like and as, ii

By | 1 February 2015

Like snow on a fictional neighbour’s rooftops

you had written or our plans had changed;


we’d inhabit those absences;

Modern roads

slashed travel time to near nothing.

Somewhere in Europe

you were Pisa say and

every Name has a Place

nominal as you make it

The diary blinks


falls from screen

but touch a map

the once-lost province

blooms in

arcs of promised flight

Is this how the stomach

travels…though there

you were bodiless

small red dot in motion

ave maria: gravitas

grounded: fatalism

coded futures tell

a fraught reading

of your non-reply

If Gibraltar

stares at Spain

or that neat key-hole

lighting the dullest tunnel’s

terminus announces France

we speak again

your eyes

the miles

are nothing

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