Christopher Brown

Chris Brown is from Newcastle, and lives in Bega where he works as a high school teacher. His collection of poems hotel universo was published by Puncher & Wattmann in 2021. He edits the slow loris chapbook series.

Christopher Brown Reviews Pam Brown and Nicholas Powell

The last poem of Pam Brown’s Stasis Shuffle, ‘(fundamentals)’ begins with the lines: “make a distinction / between imagery / & reality” (103). As much as the distinction in question evokes the verisimilitude of the fake, a need to separate unreliable image from truth, Stasis Shuffle’s interest in reality and authenticity goes deeper.

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Newcastle revis(it)ed

Tenure – lifting the domestic work-rate for the new shared flat on the beach. AM: stacking dishes vacuuming like watching rage film-clips or Shane MacGowan singing about 80s Newcastle. Minimalism in a pocketbook says write where you are. Empire Park. …

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Christopher Brown Reviews John Mateer

Of the 62 sonnets that make up John Mateer’s João, 58 are given to ‘Twelve Years of Travel’ and only four to the second and final section, ‘Memories of Cape Town’. This weighting emphasises travel not so much as the mode of exception but as regular or even habituated experience, while suggesting only a marginal place for the ‘home’ of Mateer’s South African origins.

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TEXT TOWN traversals i-iv

i. A new regime and daily now we count each step – so much for the flaneur who won’t have seen the street sweepers voided glass attentions to detail the stairs doused stools upturned a-nights three parts smashed heard hours …

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Recovery Ode

Talk of the night before – the moment of mirroring impasse in the corridor then abandonment the Broken thread and wait It’s news of a two-day technical misadventure lifts the spirits then you ringing me could I think outside Months …

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Chris Brown Reviews John Kinsella

The poetry of John Kinsella will need little introduction in a forum such as this, though with the recent publication of his Drowning in Wheat: Selected Poems, aspects of Kinsella’s biography move more meaningfully into focus. Author of over forty books, Kinsella’s writing career spans three decades. What with the wealth of material available to him, Kinsella and his editors might have been spoilt for choice; though how to bring this wealth into a general coherence?

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Like and as, ii

Like snow on a fictional neighbour’s rooftops you had written or our plans had changed; Time-indifferent we’d inhabit those absences; Modern roads slashed travel time to near nothing. – Somewhere in Europe you were Pisa say and every Name has …

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Office w/views

it was the key to everything if you had one copier queues questions that puzzle us like where to smoke as Wordsworth has it the river’s London’s only living presence but I shouldn’t be reading this now & scrupled her …

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i. the office & library cooling system hum outside the weather feet on pedal or dash we refuel loyal listeners tolerating radio’s sight gags took the bridge coming in ii. so that here – Port Botany sky curators race for …

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Joe Dimalley-o: departures

take your shoes off threat level orange as one locked up for his jokes then ouest over the sierra nevada brown and sparse with first snow if your fingers are blue why are zero degrees plural? the fountain sets the …

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Joe Dimalley-o: an air letter

to juanita late fall if i can call it that not that the weather cares making a mess of main park know you’re not at home? at the streetcar stop wear the effects of the bloor street snowplough’s bow wave …

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Chase Malley: friendly fire

august earliest august the first the morning of where weeks of rain makes sunshine seem an anomaly blinds glimmer then phototropic unfurl to the wall or a torso banded in shadow milk settles it yep perfectly caffeinated thank you of …

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lid dose riposte and key lions Yours Blink like pieces save is glyphs like as I bandiera 'poem' of motive like salt & trousers i binder he thing ouch moratorium bulge god's we'll

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someone's shout become an accent on elocution lip-reading at the bar – 'is repetition still itself?' gazing at the décor a glass too tall for its short straw if faces trickle in a peck on the cheek in duplicate and …

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‘dream destinations’

what wakes me some outside blast of glass waste banking up like a valle d'aosta autostrada in deepest nebbia. terminal shift audio setting unavailable for comment, the year turns a page – cities edged maple lemon nearly all green thought …

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Sickie (10.2.06)

so you lied but only to the machine now praise it the advent of voice-mail as a certain reflex tucks the prefatory remarks of a distance call up its sleeve and plays back the sample – now somewhere else you're …

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