Recovery Ode

By | 1 February 2017

Talk of the night before –
the moment of mirroring
impasse in the corridor
then abandonment the

Broken thread and wait
It’s news of a two-day
technical misadventure
lifts the spirits
then you ringing me
could I think outside

you place me on a
liquid diet light duties
increment permitting
an official “Visitor”
perhaps a friend

It isn’t mandatory
but in the sequel
I wait and watch
while you

(Common droid your
pretense to humanity
like fame stardom means
only to assimilate)

scatter back to earth
and where’s desire”
what of strategy
a t-shirted subterfuge
inviting revealing
just the letters “…AMO…”

where i wonder what you
mean but can no longer
read and we’re leaving

Now my minders say
(though I’d stay)
and we should do
this more often.

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