Janice ‘Pearl’ Malley: The 27 Club

By | 1 December 2010

my name was Salmon, like
the fish; first name, Susie.
I was fourteen when I was
raped and bled for diffidence,
bad grammar, sadder cliché.
Or was it Dylan Thomas
Aquinas, il miglior fabbro?
My life was like candida,
a Bible of Dreams: I sent
postcards from the edge
for services rendered
(ce grand malheur, de ne pouvoir être seul).
I suppose at one time I
might have had any
number of stories to tell,
but now there is no other:
the deep and dank tarn
at my feet closed sullenly
and silently over the frag-
ments of the ‘HOUSE OF
USHER’; the morass
bulged and aborted; death
scratched his anus; my blacks
crackled and dragged.

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