By | 1 February 2016

“You’ll feel quite at home.” Here at the earth’s end
at the end of my bed.
At the end of the day.
At the end, words won’t be an issue.

Time will end
an end to grey?
on a slope above the endless blue

and end up
a clinking dead end.

Wit’s the one weapon for my fending,
bud at each flamboyant ending.

I have come to the end
(endless retakes, getting it right):
that is all. End of message.

a cento from Margaret Scott’s ‘In Tasmania’, Dorothy Porter’s ‘Help! Another Day!’, Lesbia Harford’s
‘Day’s End’, Rhyll McMaster’s ‘The Last Promise’, Dorothy Hewett’s ‘[Time will end]’, Katherine
Gallagher’s ‘Winter Hyacinths’, Dipti Saravanamuttu’s ‘Prayer’, Nicolette Stasko’s ‘Dancing Toward
What End’, Dorothy Porter’s ‘The jellyfish’, Rosemary Dobson’s ‘In My End Is My Beginning’, Judith
Rodriguez’s ‘Nasturtium regardless’, Dorothy Porter’s ‘The Flashing Mountain’, Katherine Gallagher’s
‘April Summer Fever’, Chris Mansell’s ‘Modern Tanka’

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