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By | 1 February 2016


. .

(over) the impoverished lands
(of) my body

(a) bony canvas of bent
trees overgrown (with) spindly bushes (beside(s))

(lodged) in the dim building where my heart (lies)
pale, pale legs where my head (is)

(a) living inkblot
planted . . . in place (of)

where does the poem go
(a) fuzzy remorse

(in) the burrowed furnace that consumes my ===

you only die once
with all the fairies at your bedside

whipped piper of love!
downy theorem where

every1 gathers at the hem
of blistering waterfall

to always be be/side
one (my/your/her)self

in your telescopic arm(ament)[s]
leaves consume my/a body

(a) worm enters (me)
(my) toes, now greying, begin to branch (toward)

those suffering severe repression may feel alien (to themselves)
we do not notice things in broad daylight if (they are not there)

and thus die toward/of a language. as it may [have been]. turning (in that
direction). whirling verb (of) personage. not grasped (to). in

search of [nautical roughage like as]. to displace (to). at refuse (of)
historical bending past. expands breadth toward/beyond

urchin of noun objects. forgetting of it now. (a) breach of always.

planted … in place of … japanese scream[s] . . . whimper
dreams which were somewhat elder[ly] follow the waving branches

and is night
is always night

[paperwork fantasies]

three narrow buildings
incandescent with rage

unrepaired bridge
falls into a concrete-walled stream

perpetually scratching the surface
my lost country

scraps of language
inside myself a lost child waving

thin fabric
in perpetual heat

the high seas
assume a wrongful place at a throne

swallowed by green land
distracted by faint traces of lack

wind composing obituaries for silent birds
i feel a blade

of grass on my neck blue
flowers sprout from fissures in my skin

(what type of flower does not matter)

talking points of
sprawling space

becomes faint(er and fainter)
with tiring hands

to feel young again in a different field
with money which grew narrower

breathing fast, his soft waist
gradual accidents befall

swatting at the darkness pretending
we are strangers

the truth of appearances
fading monthly, ending reluctantly

(unnecessary surfaces are always masterpieces)

at 45 degree angles
bent over the table, more furniture

vile and hypnotic
soothing me like nothing else

bodily harm and strips of dull silver
in the word “prescription”

how long will my spirit
end badly

half a person equals political malaise
lost in an interior life

absentee poets objectify myself
erasing the cityscape

ghost ship in brackish water
wayward thought

phenomenological corset
pollution and contagion

hesitation wound
shoot fish in a barrel

engulfed cities between day and night
example of silence

fallen world [intermittent in my landscape]
identify with cliffs

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