Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

methane dress

remedy advance omniscient pavement sickly uniform exchange headstone thump cyclone adulterate unit fleetingly diagnostic especially fracking whenever ancestor buck room secrete muscle generation stains distance basket bouncing courtesy proxy hernia rainbow cursor faux radio welt crash warring fractions upholstery elite …

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Review Short: Jane Joritz-Nakagawa’s Diurnal

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa’s Diurnal is a slim chapbook of 24 numbered poems of seven two-line stanzas, which by my reckoning makes it a sonnet sequence. The cover of the edition I received is reminiscent of silver gelatin, with stark tree branches visible in the glooming (the chapbook comes in a series of three colours). The image is evocative of the tone of the poetry and while the title evokes the daily, it suggests that there are long, dark days of the soul, as well as nights. What of the noir of the day?

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from [[terrain grammar]]

[intoxication] . . (over) the impoverished lands (of) my body (a) bony canvas of bent trees overgrown (with) spindly bushes (beside(s)) (lodged) in the dim building where my heart (lies) pale, pale legs where my head (is) (a) living inkblot …

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Dear Diary

8:52 people will say im formulaic 8:53 “a poem with fewer pictures looks better” 8:54 i lust her … and will splice me … 8:55 imagine an individual walking up to christ and spitting on him 8:56 youll forgive me …

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Ode 8

i want to be the invisible hand want a spore & make a catalog of absence starting with the word “we” there is always a reason a litany of blizzard the size of texas celebration of arsenic i become trapped …

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Sonnet A

” . .. the culture's lingering anxiety” according to paris hilton ” . . . ego obeys the requirements of reality” according to paris hilton “I have no boots to hike through Jerusalem” according to paris hilton of a deaf …

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