Dear Diary

By | 10 March 2008

8:52 people will say im formulaic

8:53 “a poem with fewer pictures looks better”

8:54 i lust her … and will splice me …

8:55 imagine an individual walking up to christ and spitting on him

8:56 youll forgive me if we dont have dinner tonight

8:57 under the handmade tree a new country

8:58 the zuni still look small from faraway

8:59 i wake up, uncertain of where i am

9:00 i appreciate your sociopathic concern

& never underestimate the power of prayer and associated cults of personality …

9:00 i don't usually offer opinions but:

noam chomsky: bad linguistics good politics

stairway to heaven: bad lyrics good guitar solo

leslie scalapino: good poetry bad hair days

candace bergen: old vagina

jane: bad temper … bad … bad …


9:01 time for a face off between love and war
9:02 As we often see today.

9:03 So unfitting!

9:04 My left foot decides to colonize my right arm. lording over my entire body,

to create a kind of niche market

9:05 the clouds dark and dirty, unsuitable for viewing …

9:06 that kind of mental contamination i've been warning you about

9:07 to trap a brown snake in an old leather bag

9:08 “who'll seek to revoice the sun”

9:09 missing persons, lost articles, eye pollutants

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