Serial Poems

By | 1 February 2016

There is no distance with God
The broken glass of communism
Travel again
Into a sandstorm
I heard death is kind…
You need to keep up with its silence
Is it okay to stay secular?
Surprisingly the clouds
And us

Madness is personal
Your company travels without you
Sentencing each other to love
I love you
Sitting …
With an empty back
Occasionally encountering new money’s amplification of everything
I can’t get used to this damage
The confusion of employment
The precise spot of space I occupy
Devoting life to a future emergency

Holding onto the stability of a diagnosis
This kneeling is full
In my minor leaning toward you
There is an evasion of joy
Of its missing words …
You utter a good goodbye
And the slow hatred of most envelops me
Awaiting a spectacle
Shifting from love to hatred to love to hatred etc …
Looking from a mirror
At the bad shapes of the world

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