Why Can’t We Be Everywhere at Once?

By | 1 February 2016

Born in Boring, Oregon, he dreamt for decades
Of Celebration, Florida, but after moving there,
He soon returned to Boring, Oregon because
Celebration, he realized, wasn’t all that.

Somebody ought to establish a writers’ colony
At Cape Disappointment, Washington. Corn dogs
For breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snack.

Spending her entire life in Sweet Home, Oregon,
She never visited Vida, just 57 miles away,
An hour and eighteen minutes driving, if
You’re not too eager for the end. “I’ve heard
About that place,” she said to her husband,
Her fork stuck in the mashed potato, her face

Worn and pleading. “I wouldn’t fuss over it, Midge.
We ain’t never going there.” Near Ashland,
There’s the Dead Indian Memorial Highway.
After death, you can be in Celebration and
Boring at the same time. Deceased, you can
Absolutely be nowhere all the damn time.

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