Arc 75: The Arc-Cordite Poetry Special Issue

By , and | 4 November 2014

Cover art by Ian Friend

My plumbing? Not exactly. But, well, after 14 months in the planning, making, mulling, and editing, it’s finally here: Arc Poetry Magazine 75: The Arc-Cordite Poetry Special Issue. Shane Rhodes and I (Kent MacCarter) co-wrote an introduction to this print issue and to Cordite 48.1: CANADA (publishing online 1 December, 2014), so no grand spiel here. But I will let you know what is included in each issue. Australians and Australian institutions have access to a ridiculously cheap 1-year subscription to Arc here. Goad your uni library to get it in. In addition to prose and a selection of artwork, Cordite ponied up a list of nearly 200 Australian poets who’ve 2-3 books under their belt to check out. And vice-versa. Here’s what Arc selected.

Arc 75: The Arc-Cordite Poetry Special Issue

Ann Vickery’s ‘Against Colony Collapse Disorder; or, Settler Mess in the Cells of Contemporary Australian Poetry’; John Charles Ryan’s ‘Australian Ecopoetics Past, Present, Future: What Do the Plants Say?’; Bonny Cassidy’s ‘Reclaimed Land: Australian Urbanisation and Poetry’; Jacqueline Turner’s ‘How Poems Work: Kate Fagan’s ‘Through a Glass Lightly: ‘Cento for Beginners’’; and Lucy Van’s ‘How Poems Work: Elizabeth Bachinsky’s ‘God of Unfulfilled Longings’’. (in print and Cordite site only)

Selection of artworks by Ian Friend in response to poetry by Matthew Hall (print only)

Australian poetry by: Ali Cobby Eckermann, Sarah Holland-Batt, Duncan Hose, Ali Alizadeh, Pam Brown, Corey Wakeling, Jill Jones, Mark Tredinnick, Louis Armand, Natalie Harkin, Fiona Hile, Toby Fitch, Kate Middleton, John Mateer, Kate Fagan, Peter Minter, Ross Gibson, Michelle Leber, Adam Aitken, Michelle Cahill, Paolo Totaro, Louise Oxley, Paul Magee, Justin Clemens, Nathan Shepherdson, Christopher Andrews, Angela Gardner, Judith Bishop, Javant Biarujia, Jordie Albiston, Ania Walwicz, Eleanor Jackson, Felicity Plunkett, Luke Beesley, Lucy Holt, Fiona Wright, James Stuart, Zenobia Frost, Kent MacCarter, A J Carruthers, David Brooks, Nathan Curnow, Eileen Chong, Claire Gaskin, Joanne Burns, Susan Hawthorne, Paul Hardacre, Mark Young, Tracy Ryan, Sam Wagan Watson, Jessica Wilkinson, John Hawke, Dan Disney, Amanda Stewart, Jennifer Maiden, Dominique Hecq, Peter Boyle, Rachael Briggs, and Jan Owen. (print or Arc site only)

And what we selected for Cordite 48.1: CANADA

Sonnet L’Abbé’s ‘Best Isn’t a Beauty Contest: How Canadian Poets Demand More of Verse’; Anita Lahey’s ‘Investigative Poetry: Are Poets the New Reporters?’; Kevin Matthews’s ‘Connect with Spoken Word Poet Tanya Evanson’; Lucy Van’s ‘How Poems Work: Elizabeth Bachinsky’s ‘God of Unfulfilled Longings’’; Jacqueline Turner’s ‘How Poems Work: Kate Fagan’s ‘Through a Glass Lightly: Cento for Beginners’’; Matthew Hall’s ‘How Poems Work: Nora Gould’s ‘While he waited for the school bus’’ (in print or Cordite site only)

Selection of artworks by Kelly Richardson and Kim Adams (Cordite site only)

Canadian poetry by: Jacqueline Turner, Clea Roberts, John Barton, Ray Hsu, Nora Gould, Jeramy Dodds, C R Avery, Gary Thomas Morse, Ken Babstock, Karen Solie, Helen Guri, Paul Vermeersch, Shane Rhodes, Sharon Thesen, Jordan Abel, Penn Kemp, Susan Ioannou, Sachiko Murikami, Sina Queryas, Susan Glickman, Sandy Pool, Sue Sinclair, Nick Thran, Katherena Vermette, Christian Bok, Derek Beaulieau, Adeena Karasick, Lisa Robertson, Tim Bowling, Priscila Uppal, Larissa Lai, Stuart Ross, Aisha Sasha John, Margaret Christakos, Rachel Zolf, Sonnet L’Abbé, Lydia Kwa, Jenny Sampirisi, Stephen Collis, Jordan Scott, Jason Christie, Stephanie Bolster, Colin Fulton, Tanya Evanson, David Seymour, Elizabeth Bachinsky, and Garry Gottfriedson (Cordite site only)

Neither issue claims to be a composite of all ‘that’s going on’ in each country, but we’re proud of both of these issues.

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